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  the Clarity Cube© 

tune out the noise.

make better decisions faster.

make work-life better.


one clear method
 three powerful tools 

the clarity cube©: the Clarity Cube© creates meaningful and valuable conversations by preparing people to consider, challenge, commit to, and communicate decisions. Using a simple six-step framework, The Clarity Cube cancels out background noise to help leaders and teams improve the quality and speed of decisions.  

clarity questions©: questions are not a challenge to a decision, they are an opportunity for clarity. Clarity questions open knowledge and learning flows within teams by surfacing unknowns that create unintended consequences.

clarity radar©: good decisions come from access to adequate data, information and knowledge. The Clarity Radar nudges teams to seek out unknowns and rapidly act to maintain trust and influence. 

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the Clarity Method© delivers measurable impact. Using our proprietary FAIRR framework, we can show you how to monitor and evaluate leadership and team performance for impact and results.


from leadership and management development to change management, project management, executive and team coaching, employee engagement, cultural change, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice initiatives, wellbeing, and Knowledge Management projects, the Clarity Method© has powered 125+ engagements in 17 countries.


 the Clarity Cube method© 

tune out the noise.

make better decisions faster.

make work-life better.

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one clear method
 four ways to access 

 insight talks ​

 short courses

 clarity audit 

 12-month clarity subscription

tune out the noise.

make better decisions faster.

make work-life better.

David Griffiths, Msc (Edin), PhD (Edin)




K3-Cubed (K3) was formed at the University of Edinburgh in 2009. In 2011, Edinburgh Research and Innovation funded the start-up of K3-Cubed Ltd. Since 2011, K3 has delivered over 125 engagements in 17 countries. David's proprietary tools and methods have also won multiple awards for research excellence and applied impact. 

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